The third international congress of Iranian intensivists


The third international congress of Iranian intensivists

Shahid Beheshty University , Tehran, Iran.

20 January 2016

The third international congress of Iranian intensivists was conducted in Shahid Beheshty University, Tehran, Iran. The congress revolved around introducing the latest literature in ICU setting which involved hours of lectures in four different halls by Iranian and non-Iranian key opinion leaders over three days period from 20 January 2016 with more than 1000 specialist audience in the pharmaceutical sector.

Fresenius Kabi participated in this event by securing a booth in a strategic location close to the main hall entrance while also acquiring a key time slot for Fresenius corroborated speaker  in the main hall of the venue. Evidently the lecture was one of the highlights of the three day marketing event especially as Fresenius Kabi’s key rival in parenteral nutrition .This was especially evident as Fresenius Kabi was the only brand in the congress to be able to present the fitting products in the main hall via placement of specific marketing stands into main hall lecturing venue and the main hall VIP backstage area where KOLs took rest prior to their respected lecture commencement. Consequently, the three day even at the noted venue was indeed a hit, as many key opinion leaders were successfully detailed and various enteral nutrition related marketing attempts were initiated by the Fresenius team. For example, marketing of Fresubin series along with partial parenteral nutrition (PPN) addendum viability of utilizing omega three enriched SMOF Lipid together to satisfy caloric requirements along with positive immunomodulatory benefits have been concentrated upon.

The Thursday night was dedicated to a dinner event which was conducted at the 26 floor of Azadi hotel on 21 January 2016. This gathering included most of the key intensivists in Iran which were invited to a friendly dinner. The main participants came from Tehran, Shiraz, Tabriz, Esfehan, Mashad, Ahwaz and so forth. The Fresenius Kabi team also used this opportunity to further increase their profile among these intensivists which were previously detailed. The detailing of KOLs were subtly conducted in their respected tables with the general theme of introducing Fresubin series into state hospitals which generally lack the financial muscle to incorporate such products within their portfolio.

Overall, the even proved to be wonderful as Fresenius Kabi was successfully presented and various enteral nutrition centered marketing attempts were yet initiated considering the gathered information regarding both advantages and disadvantages of using them in ICUs in Iran.