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What we do:

Darman Yab Darou

Darman Yab Darou

Darmanyab Darou is a pharmaceutical importer and manufacturer company highly committed to improve the quality of life of the people. For this purpose, Darmanyab Darou is engaged in collaboration with the companies who are active in research, development, production, marketing and sales of pharmaceuticals from the all around the world. The portfolio which Darmanyab Darou is covering, are targeted at wide range of indications in different categories.


What we are providing for our patients in any range that we are active, is the gold standard in the respective field. While we have focused on the major areas of the therapeutic remedies, we have not forgotten to cover the rare disease and even vaccines hence we have beautifully managed to keep our focus on each field enough to satisfy all the needs of the our partners, prescribers and patients.


Keeping up with the progressive world of healthcare has been always a challenge for healthcare professionals , our role as a mediator then begun ;from very first place we have been always trying to be the best partner as a bridge between healthcare professionals and innovators to make sure the value that has been designed for patients relives, will be provided to them in the best possible way.


Our ultimate goal is “make health accessible to all “ which we are striving ourselves to make it happen on what we are really good at that :


  • By empowering our healthcare professionals to have access to the highest quality medications and provide the most updated scientific information for them on administration of the medication and scientific progress in related field by our marketing support.
  • For our pharmacies and hospitals we are not only supplying them but also will look after them to make sure that what is supplied to them, will be well received by patient in time and also make sure that they will always receive enough supply to not let anybody down. This way, we are partnering with the pharmacies nationwide.


The whole value chain that we are providing, makes an integration in this different part of healthcare chain.

Our Strategy :


As a service company, we should always listen to the needs that is being referred to us, observe what is missing in the market and match it with the potentials that our partners can provide to satisfy the demand, from other hand we monitor international scientific progress to make sure that the possible treatment is always available for our people. This would be a common ground for new partners and us to deliver the value that we can mutually bring to the patients, so if the opportunity would be seen there would be no hesitation in grasping it.


We focus on what our partner expect from us and what our patients need, this is where our role is making sense. Our role is to make cross road between four elements of manufacturers, prescribers, pharmacies and patient.



Globalization is a fact and we are not an exception, what is important to be recognized is the way that you can realize this potential and use the opportunities to own a bigger market share. we have realized that what we can have a with big market in the country and great potential in neighborhood countries, it is not just right to limit ourselves to provide just the service part as our stakeholders are always asking for bolder role in our field to be accomplished by DYD .

So, feel obliged to get involved in next level ; Darmanyab Darou factory is a state of art manufacturing facility which will produce highest quality products both in range of pharmaceutical and Nutraceuticals. Beside what the factory will develop and produce by our in-house R&D team, collaboration with our partners is key success factor both for us and also for our partners which are aiming at big market share in our local market and also think about regional coverage.



Our values are essence of our company’s activities and consist of four essential elements :

  • Creative spirit through our company
  • Explore our talents & capabilities
  • Act responsibly as a part of society and never compromise on safety
  • Turn market needs into customer solutions.


DarmanYab Darou (DYD)’s mission is to provide highest quality pharmaceutical products, food supplements and medical devices from reputable suppliers all over the world to increase Iranian’s health per capita.


DarmanYab Darou (DYD)’s vision is to be among top three pharmaceutical suppliers within 2020,both in terms of financial turnover and strategic product portfolio.