About Us

Talking about Darman Yar Ani (DYA), a Darman Yab Group Company, we need to highlight the importance of parallel import business in Iran. Parallel import is named/known as Emergency Pharmaceutical Centers(EPC) has been evolved to an important role player due to several factors in current status of the pharmaceutical market of Iran. They are acting as like as wholesalers with some notable differences.

Within last years, almost 15% of the total Pharma import business have been done via EPCs and in between DYA had its great share each year. DYA positioned itself in rank 1 in 2011 and 2012 also in 2013 we were among three first companies in this scale and we hope to sustain our success by offering our unique services both to our partners and patients alongside our Group’s mission statement “ Make Health Accessible to All’

EPCs in Iran used to just focus more on the medicines which not yet added into the Iranian National Pharmacopeia (INF) hence they are being considered as the gate to prelaunch the new molecules ; As most of MNCs have their exclusive distributors in the country, they would like to encourage MOH to facilitate adding new molecules into the INF to let their distributors do ethical marketing job in order to explore more opportunities of the new molecule. The appointed MNCs distributors don’t have the license to import prior to registration , so , the importance of EPCs which can import the products prior to registration is quite bold here as the prescription of such products are heading to EPCs which their mission is to provide such services.

EPCs are obliged to follow special SOPs and regulation to import non-INF-included medicines on demand basis for patients. This is however very important, not value wise but considered as history of importation for the product although very critical for the patients/doctors as well.

By pursuing this method, most of the time based on prescription scale, the product will obtain MOH green light to be added into the INF of course if it complies with the guide lines of MOH. Although we have to highlight the role of the local partner (Exclusive Distributor) for such achievement as adding new molecules to the IDL(Iran Drug LIST) is a long way to go and MOH is very restrict on adding new molecules to it to make sure that what is being added to IDL is enjoying international such as FDA and EMEA.

So EPC’s major activity would be considered as pre launch of the product which is not included into the IDL upon receiving very limited orders via patients.

Lately the importance of EPCs have become bold as they have been very relied on, at the time of shortages, which used to happen rarely however shortages has become more frequent and EPCs are the most accessible sources for facilitated supply. They are indeed vital at these stages as they are just has been designed as fast track for the supply , all requirements of documents are facilitated hence enough control is in place .