About Us

Medicine shortages happen as a result of importing or manufacturing problems, delays or countrywide recalls due to quality defects. Iran’s Food and Drug Administration (IFDA) is informed of such shortages by validated reports especially from medical sciences universities all over the country and works with Emergency Pharmaceutical Centers (EPCs) to procure the items promptly and safely.

Darman Yar Ani (a Darman Yab Group company) was established in a crucial period of shortages and supply problems in 2009 as an EPC to work in accordance with the IFDA, helping to overcome the situation by parallel importing. Its rapid improvement few years after establishment made it the largest EPC in the country in 2015 and 2016. Afterward, Darman Yar Ani has always been one of the top three EPCs.

The company has also a successful history of importing “Named Patient Medicines” for hard-to-cure patients in accordance with the National Drug Policy and licensed by the IFDA. “Named Patient Medicines” are products that are not yet included in Iran’s Drug List (IDL), usually because they are new treatment options and have obtained their international approvals very recently and have not had the time to be included in the IDL yet.

Darman Yar Ani has always complied with IFDA’s requirements and instructions for EPCs to assure its products’ authenticity and safety. With timely provision of shortage items, Darman Yar Ani is trying to “Make Health Accessible to All”. Optimal functioning and agility are the main properties of this company of Darman Yab Group.