About Us

“Make Health Accessible to All” was the mission which bring Darman yab into existence in 2004

Our values

We are committed to supply the best quality in most assured way to our customers and make sure that


A Journal specialized in medical, pharmaceutical and medical equipment for more …

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Darman yab Darou
Darman yab Darou is a pharmaceutical importer and manufacturer company highly committed to improve the quality of life of the people.
Darman yab Salamat Pouya
DYSP is one of the top five companies as importer and distributor of medical equipment in Iran which plan to become among the first three by 2018
Darman yab Pakhsh Aria
Darman yab Pakhsh Aria is one of the Darman yab Group members which is established in June 2012
Darmanyar Ani
Talking about Darman Yar Ani (DYA), a Darman Yab Group Company, we need to highlight the importance of parallel import business in Iran

Development Plans

Darmanyab Factory

Darmanyab Factory

To be able to provide needed pharmaceuticals and food supplements for our country mates by the lowest price, Darmanyab Darou compLearn More


Darmanyab Charity Foundation

Darmanyab Charity Foundation

Social responsibility is not limited to the service that we are providing for our stakeholders, it goes to next level as we believLearn More