The Enhancement of Blood Transfusion Procedure Conference

This conference has been held on Wednesday, December 14, 2016 in central building of IBTO with the presence of high rank management members of the organization. Dr. Pourfathollah, IBTO managing director, has visited the CATSmart system from Fresenius Kabi in the exhibition hall beside the conference. This system has been introduced as a replacement method for manual RBC wash for the first time. The high efficient CATSmart has been encouraged by IBTO management and they have promised to introduce our system to the Iranian Foundation of Special Diseases.

CATSmart washes packed red blood cells for at least three steps and eliminates free Hemoglobin, free Potassium and etc. Finally, the washed PRC is being collected in the PRC bag. Considering this fact, Fresenius Kabi’s CATSmart is the best choice to automatically wash RBC in a closed system less than 10 minutes. The proposed method will produce a high quality and safe product compare to the old manual system, and will also save a lot of time and money in processing more than 70,000 blood bags each year.