Scientific Event of Autologous Transfusion November 24th, Espinas Palace Hotel, Tehran, Iran

Scientific Event of Autologous transfusion has been held in Espinas Palace hotel in Tehran in association with Iranian Anesthesiology and Critical Care society on Thursday, November 24th. The lecturers have described the importance of autologous blood transfusion and the role of CATSmart system from Fresenius Kabi in patient blood management.

There were several medical specialties attending in this event including: Anesthesiology, Cardiovascular Surgery, Neuro Surgery and some other related specialties. The total number of attendees exceeded 120. The speakers of the congress were Professor Jean Francois Baron, anesthesiologist from France and Dr. Azita Chegini, anesthesiologist and member of Scientific Institute of Iran Blood Transfusion Organization. They have described their recent scientific findings about the subject of the event. The event schedule is attached.

We have been honored by the presence of famous medical professors from Iranian society of anesthesiology and critical care, the society of cardiovascular surgeons and several professors from Iran MSU, Tehran MSU and other medical universities all over the country. The program has ended by dinner ceremony.