Continuous Auto Transfusion System: CATSmart

The unique CONTINUOUS red cell separation process is designed for recycling blood during and after surgery (e.g., cardiac, orthopedic, and vascular) and ensures:

  • Consistently high PRC (Packed Red Cell) hematocrit > 60%, excellent wash-out quality with removal rates:
    • Heparin >95%
    • Potassium >95%
    • Free Hb >95%
    • Non-emulsified fat >99%
    • Albumin >95%
  • Minimal risk of fat embolism and cognitive dysfunctions
  • Efficient processing of small blood volumes for pediatrics
  • PRC availability for transfusion at any time
  • Faster red cell salvage process compared to discontinuous techniques
  • Platelet Sequestration (PSQ) in order to heal surgical wounds in surgeries
  • The best wash out quality by using 3 specific wash programs: Low Volume Wash, Smart Wash and Emergency Wash
  • Washed RBC production from donated whole blood or patient blood in surgery
  • The onset of procedure with incoming of 100 ml blood in the system


Workflow Benefits

“One-fits-all” washing chamber

Saves time and simplifies the handling; suitable for all blood volumes.


Washing Chamber

Saves time and simplifies the handling; suitable for all blood volumes


Continuously monitor incoming and outgoing hematocrit values ad red call separation performance for better patient management.