Patient blood management congress in conference hall in Emam Khomeini Hospital has concluded its work.

Patient Blood Management congress has been held on Thursday, November the 10th in Emam conference hall in Emam Khomeini

Hospital with the presence of IBTO Managing Director, all the higher authorities of the research and science institute of Blood Transfusion Medicine and a lot of physicians from several specialties.

In this one-day conference, 14 professors and physicians gave speech about patient blood management.

In this CME accredited event, there were a lot of different specialties in the field such as: general surgery, gynecology, anesthesiology, laboratory science, immunology, hematology, oncology and cancer. They have all been presented by the latest information about patient blood management.

There were also several companies attending in their booth aside the congress and they have been visited by the audience.

Darman Yab Salamat Pouya (DYSP) was the platinum sponsor of the event to introduce the new Fresenius Kabi CATSmart reinfusion system. Several other product from Fresenius Kabi transfusion technology have also been presented in the booth. DYSP has been visited by The audience in addition to IBTO managing director.

It is necessary to mention that Novmber 7th till Nobember 12th has been called “Global Patient Blood Management” thus several countries try to hold scientific events about this subject.