T1 Premium Class

The instruments in the T1 Premium class provide maximum accuracy and perfect work results. Innovative, first-class technology, extra light titanium sleeve and ergonomic design ensure that T1 CONTROL, T1 Boost and T1 mini satisfy every requirement. The Premium Class Turbines lie perfectly balanced in your hand.

T1 mini’s small head gives you a perfect view, while T1 CONTROL’s patented speed control allows a consistent and noise-free work and T1 Boost offers maximized performance –  at a whisper.

  • Ergonomic lightweight titanium sleeves
  • Significantly more power with smaller head size
  • DLC coated ceramic ball bearings
  • Due to the 4-nozzle- spray the turbines are the most quiet within their class
  • Protective-Head-System (PHS ) with dual anti-retraction stop