inLab SW

inLab software is the cornerstone of the inLab system allowing you complete control of the entire digital production process – i.e. scanning or receiving digital impressions, designing and machining restorations or models

  • Modular Software

The modular software structure offers the user the precise indications required

  • Biogeneric design

The entire jaw situation is taken into account in the restoration proposal

  • Parallel processing of multiple restorations

Design multiple restorations and indications in upper and lower jaw simultaneously

  • A complete range of indications

From simple inlays to complete anatomically reduced long-span bridge restorations, telescopes, bars and attachments to individual abutments, multiple screwed bridges and bars as well as model casts

  • Flexibility with open interfaces

Various inLab software interfaces allow the import of STL scan and restoration data as well as the export of restoration and model data

NEW with inLab CAM 15.0

  • Milling sintered metal
  • Milling abutments and abutment bridges from zirconium oxide**
  • Milling pre-shaded translucent zirconium oxide blocks (inCoris TZI C from Sirona)
  • inLab extra-fine grinding with the diamond 0.6 tool
  • Milling surgical guides**
  • Grinding abutment mesostructures from e.max CAD meso**
  • Import of restoration data with additional XML information

Efficient management of orders and materials.

You have with inLab CAM 15.0 all information readily available on all machines to create, load and manage orders and materials – in the form of disks or blocks.

Multi-job workflow. 

Operate several machines simultaneously from one software. Maximize your output with optimal use of resources.

Start processing immediately.

Save time due to innovative milling and grinding calculations. Start the fabrication process immediately after entering the order.

Multi-positioning functions.

Place your work precisely in disks and blocks. Use the automatic functions auto-positioning, height optimization in the disk or sinter support calculation. You can also define the object position individually.

inLab MC X5 multi-block management.

Position up to six blocks of different materials in one order. inLab CAM supports you with the automatic block size proposal and thus optimizes the use of materials and processing times. NEW: Zirconium oxide blocks can also be milled!

Individual milling and grinding strategies.

You have full control of the result and can choose from different material-specific processing strategies. For example select occlusal and interdental details, surface quality or reducing the support pins.

Nesting and stacking.

Optimal efficiency is achieved with inLab CAM for each material type. For example mill several restorations from one glass or hybrid ceramic block on inLab MC XL with special stacking functions. Alternatively use the nesting function for milling zirconium oxide, polymers, metals or composites on the MC X5 or MC XL.

Machine and tool management.

Using the intuitive graphic user interface you have complete control over the state of maintenance of your production units e.g. tool running time. The operating functions are touch-optimized and allow control and tool management of the machines from a tablet.

OPEN for STL and XML.

inLab MC XL and inLab MC X5 are open for processing restoration data*** from all common dental CAD software*. The optional XML import gives additional information such as preparation margins, insertion axes or order information e.g. from exocad® or 3Shape®.