inLab MC X5

The inLab MC X5 offers ultimate flexibility for day-to-day dental applications:

  • 5-axis grinding and milling
  • Machining of circular blanks and blocks
  • Wet or dry machining/combined wet and dry machining
  • Automatic bur changeover
  • Bur magazines can be configured for specific materials
  • Diverse range of materials – high class and versatile
  • Open for the processing of third-party restoration files in the STL format
  • Completely new CAM software


The new freedom in detail

Every aspect of inLab MC X5 has been designed to address the CAD/CAM needs encountered in dental labs. Intensive technical and technological exchange with many dental technicians has led to the creation of a production machine fulfilling practically all requirements. For the reliable independent production of dental prostheses.


inLab MC X5 is a completely open production unit. It is the perfect supplement to the inLab components inEos X5 and inLab software, but for the first time it can also be used to process other STL restoration data.1 The completely redeveloped CAM module enables the machine to be connected to a wide range of other CAD systems at no additional cost.



The new inLab MC X5 has more than just outstanding functionality and simple operation: its extremely stable construction and modern design are also highly attractive. Its compact, elegant shape will be a real eye catcher in your lab and complements perfectly the award-winning inEos X5 extraoral scanner.


Great variety of materials

inLab MC X5 is designed as a universal production unit for processing zirconium oxide, polymers, composites, wax and metals2 as well as glass and hybrid ceramics.

Disks and Blocks

inLab MC X5 processes standard disks (Ø 98.5 mm, up to 30 mm thick)3 and blocks in a single machine. Together with complete freedom to use any material, the system offers you the capability to handle a broad spectrum of indications today and in the future. Switching from disks to blocks takes just a few seconds.

The innovative multi-block holder can accommodate up to six blocks of different materials thereby enabling maximum productivity even with multiple single tooth applications.

Wet and Dry

inLab MC X5 can be used for wet, dry, or dry/wet combination production during the same machining operation depending on material and indication

Sirona has drawn upon its 30 years of experience in the wet processing of glass ceramics to create the ultimate machine for the wet grinding of fully anatomical restorations from high-strength monolithic materials

Switching between wet and dry production e.g. from glass ceramics to zirconium oxide is fast and uncomplicated

Milling and Grinding

Different tools are used depending on whether the machining process is wet or dry: Our carbide cutters and diamond grinders are designed to ensure that the cutting geometries and coatings are optimal for various indications and materials. So you achieve superb results on all surfaces and margins

Spindle Touch Technology

The unique technology of inLab MC X5 is able to capture the position of disks and blocks with the utmost precision. These exceptionally high levels of accuracy enable you to make the most economical use of materials and e.g. efficiently machine blocks with dentin or mesostructures

First-Class Tool Changing Concept

The fully automated tool changer can be fitted with up to six tools per process. You can prepare the tool magazine according to the specific material and manage it via the associated inLab CAM software. Intelligent spare tool management helps to achieve optimal tool service life and failure safety. Additional user friendliness and user safety is assured by the color coding for material types on each tool and tool magazine in the CAM software

Easy Clean Concept

The high-quality interior design of inLab MC X5 includes smooth surfaces and rounded contours. This reduces deposit amounts making the machine easy to clean. The intelligent suction concept, coverable tool magazine and software-supported cleaning system are all designed to make your work easier

More convenience with Touch Remote Control

You can now have a complete view of the machining status of your inLab MC X5 anywhere, anytime. With the “touch” optimized inLab CAM software you can navigate through the machine configuration and service functions on a tablet PC quickly and with just a few clicks