GALILEOS comfort plus

What is it that defines a great 3D imaging unit? Safe results with absolute flexibility, intuitive ease of use and high resolution images.

All that is offered by the GALILEOS ComfortPLUS, but it doesn’t stop there. It combines this package for the highest demands with the lowest possible dose and unparalleled reliability. This is what makes the GALILEOS the unit recommended by dentists.

  • Perfect workflow
  • Best image quality with full flexibility (One Scan fits all)
  • Absolute reliability


GALILEOS is a highly innovative CBVT system for dental applications. Thanks to its excellent image quality, low
radiation dose, intuitive operation and user-oriented workflow, GALILEOS sets new standards in 3D dental
The GALILEOS system consists of:
• X-ray system incl. X-ray generator, X-ray detector, mechanical beam limiter and control unit
• Remote control with remote exposure release and display of the exposure parameters
• GALILEOS IT package

~ GALILEOS reconstruction unit (PC) and reconstruction software
~ SIDEXIS platform software for image capture and archiving, including DICOM data export
~ GALILEOS Implant 3D implant planning software, extensive implant database and the unique
“CEREC meets GALILEOS” functionality
The statutory one-year warranty can be extended up to five years covering the generator and sensor.
Volume size 15,4 cm spherical volume
Max. export resolution 0,125 mm
Control unit EasyPad (One-Touch)
Patient positioning Bite segments, chin rest,
head fixation
Additional imaging modes CEPH, detailed reconstruction