CEREC AC Omnicam

CEREC AC is the digital impression system for the dental practice.

Digital scanning with CEREC is easy: acquire an image of the preparation and opposing jaw with the CEREC Omnicam or the CEREC Bluecam. Just a few clicks are needed to draw the preparation margin. The software assists you with marking and supports you with a pivoting 3D view.

Sirona has two camera solutions: CEREC Bluecam and CEREC Omnicam

CEREC Omnicam – scanning simplicity:

The CEREC Omnicam is designed to feel natural to hold: taking digital impressions has never been so easy, intuitive and ergonomic.

The benefits of CEREC Omnicam:

Unrivalled handling

Powder-free scanning

Precise 3D images in natural color

Powder-free scanning

CEREC Omnicam is optimized for powder-free scanning of natural tooth structures and gingiva. Simply place the camera over the relevant area and the scan starts automatically. The elimination of a powder coating means that the scanning process is easier to learn. Full-arch and half-arch scans can now be performed more conveniently and quickly than ever before.

Unrivalled handling benefits

Perfect access

CEREC Omnicam sits perfectly into the user’s hand. Thanks to the slim line design and the compact camera tip, scanning the posterior teeth presents no problems. The rounded outer contours ensure that it is easy to rotate. Regardless of whether the patient is sitting upright or reclining, you can scan the upper and lower jaws ergonomically without having to adjust your natural working posture.

Seamless scanning process

You simply move the camera head closely over the teeth in a single flowing process. The data is generated successively into a 3D model. The seamless scanning process delivers an impressive depth of field. What’s more, you can interrupt and resume the scan at any time.

Precise 3D scans in natural color

It is impressive to see how the 3D model is constructed during the scan on the  in full color on the monitor. The various surfaces are shown in their natural shades. This direct and realistic feedback helps you navigate your way around the oral cavity and enables you to distinguish between amalgam, gold or composite and allows you to view the differentiation between the preparation margin and gingiva.

CEREC Bluecam – proven efficiency

Established Bluecam technology, capturing single images and easy to use. CEREC Bluecam scans powdered tooth structures quickly. Efficient and precise particularly convincing in single tooth restorations.