Darmanyab Charity Foundation

Social responsibility is not limited to the service that we are providing for our stakeholders, it goes to next level as we believe that if each individual plays the role constructively to build up the society, the Utopian is not just a dream.

Beside to the main goal “Make Health Accessible to All” Darmanyab Group is doing some investments to make a better future for Iran. Investment on some slum, young and intelligent kids who are living in poor places and by our help in solving their financial and educational problems, they will have chance to use their talent and as a result, have effective role in future of their country. So, we will be able to “Make Bright Future Accessible to IRAN”

Darman Yab Group started activities in this field in 2 ways:

  • Being a member of an international foundation which knows these children and gathers help for them, Child Foundation (childf.com). Now Darman Yab Group is covering part of 13 clever students costs (Darman Yab Darou 8 and Darman Yab Salamat Pouya 5 students). We give them Birthday gift too.
  • Building a school in a  poor territory in Qom, Iran

The standard features of Schools in some Rural areas is low, Renovation of these schools needs huge budget which due to lack of enough budget, isn’t in the first priority.

Leaving school is a big threat in Rural areas partly due to economy of region and partly to low number of schools and sometimes low safety

Two years ago an explosion happens in a very old fashion school in rural area and 27 students were burned!

Building the first Darmanyab School in Qom, Central Iran has been finished in Autumn 2014 it’s hosting students as well.

We have a plan to build every three years a school to increase education level in rural, suburb area.

Membership in child labor charity fundation

To support and boost the next generation and finally make a better future for our country, Darmanyab Group became a member of another charity foundation, Child labor.

Some Darmanyab Personnel in the first school (Darmanyab School) opening ceremony.  Qom, Iran – Nov. 2014

Name: Darmanyab School
Build by: Darmanyab Group
Area: 2523 m2
Number of classes: 12
Number of offices: 10
Number of halls and workshops: 3
Building area: 1600 m2