About Us

“Make Health Accessible to All” was the mission which bring Darmanyab into existence in 2004

As a supplier of pharmaceutical and medical equipment within the last ten years, although it is not long, but it has been transformed from a single importer to a group of companies with different tasks in health care industry. The whole aim of the group has been focused to provide the sate of art service and supply the best available product in any area that we are serving, we care about the quality as we are respecting each individuals same as family.

As we are dealing just with healthcare sector, we make sure the supply is always constantly sufficient and all good practice from manufacturing till end user is being respected.

All of our stakeholders should be satisfied, we care about the whole value chain. For our health care professionals, we always have been trying to be the best assistance for treatment while for patient making sure that we provide the best quality medication. For policy makers we are a trustworthy supplier who can rely on quality of our branded products, confident on our service and affordable prices.

Our Values

  • We are committed to supply the best quality in most assured way to our customers and make sure that all aspects from supply chain to administration and usage are being respected according to the standards to serve the best quality for our hospitals and to our society.
  • Our colleagues in Darmanyab enjoy friendly, professional, smart based targets, assertive hence supportive environment which not only focus on achievement of the group objectives but also support the individual growth both professional and welfare as our employees are the most valuable resource of the group. Such an environment has made Darmanyab, a very attractive destination for the individuals who want to work in a dynamic and lively atmosphere, which can take part in increasing the health care level in their society.
  • The importance of code of ethics in the group in all layers is very bold, while we appreciate the code of ethics of all of our partners, the group code of ethics make us obliged to follow very clear stream line. Transparency in every layer and every aspect can be seen in all depths, the interaction with partners, health care sector, employees and all other stakeholders is professional and ethical.

We believe that our value chain makes our role so prominent that the health care sectors rely on the group as one of the pillars for its stability as with wide range of our products and services; there is not even a single hospital, which can run without using our supplies.

To provide more focus service for each sector of health care, by specialized company within the group we have made sure that everything receive enough attention and the customers are satisfied. Health of our society is our ultimate goal.